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Kastoria Airport
Rent a Car in Kastoria:
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Off Road

Avanti Rent a Car provides rental cars, for vacation or business, in Kastoria or anywhere in Greece through its branch offices or associates using our 5-minute online reservation or thru our central reservation office in Athens.
To be able to support the high standard of services to its worldwide customers Avanti Rent a Car offers the following:
Ability to choose and rent from a wide variety of vehicles (i.e. mini, compact, sedan, luxury, off-road, mini buses, etc).
Brand new cars since our fleet is renewed about every 12 months.
Budget discounts for early booking (at least 30 days prior to arrival).
Great discounts for booking thru our website.
Prices that are always competitive since our motto is "IF YOU FIND LOWER PRICES THAN OURS, WE WILL MATCH ANY LEGITIMATE OFFER".
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